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Madness in the Fast Lane

Two twins, Ursula and Sabina Eriksson, decided to walk down the median of the M6 highway in the UK. What happens next is so unbelievable, you’ll have to see it for yourself as presented in the BBC documentary, Madness in the Fast Lane.

Born in 1967, Ursula and Sabina are Swedish twin sisters who in May of 2008 perpetrated a series of bizarre events.  After walking down the median of the motorway, the two women (as documented on highway cameras) bolt across the road, being hit by oncoming traffic. Police and paramedics arrive and are stunned that the women are even alive after such a traumatic accident. Yet even more surprising, the women begin to attack the police and run again into traffic and are hit — one of them by a semi truck.  In the video, you can see the women being thrown around like rag dolls as they are hit by vehicles. The women shout that they know the police “aren’t real” and tell the police, “they are going to come and take your organs.” Neither had any drugs or alcohol in their bloodstream.

One of the two sisters, Sabina, after being released from police custody, went on to stab a man to death. Fleeing the scene, the held a hammer in her hand and smacked her head with it repeatedly. Chased by the police, she jumped from a bridge onto the highway, surviving.  Later, pleading guilty to manslaughter, the sister (Sabina) was sentenced to five years in prison and was released on parole in 2011.

Who are these women and how could they have survived such catastrophic accidents that would have killed normal people? Some investigators, including L.A. Marzulli assert that these women may have been prototypes of a nephilim hybrid development program. Or, were these women experiencing an episode of folie à deux (or “shared psychosis”), an supposedly rare psychiatric disorder in which delusional beliefs are transmitted from one individual to another?  Were they fleeing some sort of torture or human testing?  Or had they been demon-possessed?

Watch the YouTube video and then weigh in on what you think is going on in the comment section.

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