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Ocean ‘dead zones’ increasing fast

October 25, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

In marine biology terms, ‘dead zones’ are oxygen-deficient coastal areas.  When there’s no oxygen, fish and other aquatic life cannot survive.

Sadly, the number of dead zones is rapidly increasing around the world.

Caused by fossil fuels, pollution, other contaminants and possibly influenced by global warming, worldwide dead zones have increased to 200 — up from 149 only two years ago.

MSNBC reported on October 23, 2006, that these dead zones have now spread around the world at an alarming rate.

“Today, the best known is in the Gulf of Mexico, where fertilizers and other algae-multiplying nutrients are dumped by the Mississippi River.

Newly observed dead zones include ones in:

  • Archipelago Sea, Finland
  • Fosu Lagoon, Ghana
  • Pearl River Estuary and Changjiang River, China
  • Mersey Estuary, United Kingdom
  • Elefsis Bay, Greece
  • Paracas Bay, Peru
  • Mondego River, Portugal
  • Montevideo Bay, Uruguay
  • Western Indian Shelf.

What’s the impact?  United Nations experts warn that “these areas are fast becoming major threats to fish stocks and thus to the people who depend upon fisheries for food and livelihoods.”

The Book of Revelation in the Bible mentions that sea life will die during the End Times.  (See the Disasters: Red Tide Category for another article containing these specific Bible verses.)

Click here to read the full story from MSNBC.

View video (sorry, yes, they have an ad at the beginning.)

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