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Iran: Long-Range Missiles? Threat to Israel?

The AFP reported today that Iran is working to obtain long-range missiles which could threaten the whole of Europe.

Aharon Zeevi, former head of Israel’s military intelligence, told a conference in Tel Aviv on Monday, “Iran already has surface-to-surface missiles capable of being equipped with nuclear warheads with a 1,500 (930 miles) kilometer range but it will in the future have missiles with a range of 5,000 kilometers, which will threaten the whole of Europe.”  However, Zeevi did not say whether or not Iran had already obtained these capabilities or how long it would be until Iran did.

Zeevi later added during remarks on Israeli radio that Iranian President Mahmoud “Ahmadinejad is promising the end of history in two or three years’ time and I suggest that we believe him.”

Could Iran be setting the stage for a final battle of Armageddon?  Or is Iran actually a different player in End Times prophecy?  One thing is for certain: Israel now views Iran as its number one enemy, frightened by Iran’s threat to wipe the Jewish state “off the map.”

Iran continues to insist that its nuclear development is only for energy purposes; however, Israel and the West believe that the true motive is developing nuclear weapons.

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