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Global Warming Could Bring End Times Disasters and Conflict

Droughts? Famine? Floods? Violence?  If it sounds like something from the Book of Revelation, it very well could be.  And, it could be coming faster than imagined.

Yesterday, the Associated Press reported that millions of people around the world could face death and devastation due to floods, famine, drought and violence caused by global warming.  This news comes from a report to be released today by the charity, Christian Aid.  The organization commented that 162 million people in sub-Saharan Africa alone could die of disease directly attributable to global warming by the end of the century.

“This report exposes clearly and starkly the devastating impact that human-induced climate change will have on many of the world’s poorest people,” said Sir John Houghton, who has served on a scientific working group set up by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

“That realization exposes an inescapable moral imperative for those of us in the developed world who have benefited so much from cheap energy from fossil fuels. We need to respond with urgent and determined action,” he said.

Christian Aid also warned of the possibilty of violence as people fight over scarce resources due in part to a climate change.  Such violence has already occurred in drought-stricken places such as Kenya where there have been killings over the right to water cattle at a rapidly diminishing number of watering holes.

As Himalyan glaciers melt, countries like Bangladesh may be inundated in rising sea waters, leaving millions displaced from their homes and villages.

Christian Aid urged the British government to lead the world’s richer countries in taking urgent action to curb global warming.  Poorer regions, the charity added, should be encouraged to use renewable energy sources.  Countries in sub-Saharan Africa were urged in the report to switch to renewable fuel sources such as solar, wind and water.

[summarized/rewritten from Yahoo! News]


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